Welcome to New Life Aquatica, the largest bottler of deuterium depleted water in the world!

New Life Aquatica proudly presents DDW, deuterium depleted bottled water, with an isotropic concentration of 25ppm. The DDW range includes 60ppm and 85ppm variants.

DDW is the first trademark brand for the products bottled by New Life Aquatica.

DDW is launched in 500ml PET bottles with a distinctive red cap on a wide bottle neck. The DDW logo is designed to make DDW stand out in the shelves.

With a 50.000 litres monthly bottling capacity we are the largest bottler of deuterium depleted water worldwide.

All our products are internationally certified and fully comply with all international regulations. We bottle DDW using the latest equipments in our industry, to guarantee nothing less than the highest quality products.

New Life Aquatica Team